My early research has aimed at better understand the nonlinear and chaotic dynamics of the climate system at the origin of its variability and of its sensitivity to perturbations by bridging the gap between the ergodic theory of dynamical and stochastic systems and the climate sciences.

Concerned by the critical need for effective climate change mitigation strategies, I now devote my research to better understanding the impact of multi-scale climate variability and climate change on energy mixes with high shares of variable renewable energies.

I develop methodologies and open-source modeling tools to evaluate the adequacy of future energy strategies and relate the variability of renewable energy production to economic costs and greenhouse gas emissions. I rely on the identification and analysis of climate patterns of variability to develop seasonal forecasts for renewable energy systems.

Convinced that interdisciplinarity is key to tackle ecologic issues I develop a number of collaborations with mathematicians, engineers, economists and social scientists.